Pirate Island

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Tasmania's Maritime History Is Full Of Tales Of Triumph And defeat,Our Convict Past leads us to True tales Of Piracy, And Pirates were indeed here, both on Land And On Sea .The Birth Place Of One Of Hollywoods Finest Swashbucklers "ERROL FLYNN" Tasmanian Born!I would like to Share with you a Tale of a  rather different style of Piracy,Aboard the "Jane Shore" a Convict ship Transporting Women Convicts out to van Diemans land,The Females having access to the sailors and military guards so corrupted them, as to Lure them to sail away to south America!There to live a life of freedom and Safety, The Captain Being the only Objector to the proposal , a Pistol shot silenced his Arguments, and the Vessel Sailed away for the coast of Brazil.It is not known that any other State possesses a Bay with a name reflective of the Bold and Badmen who Plundered the Island."Pirates Bay" Near Port Arthur on The Tasmanian Peninsular where the "Seaflower" was boarded by convicts and Pirated away from the Captain who had only moored to take on fresh water. Took on the name of this act in 1822.Many A Deal was struck in the Early Days of the colony where payment was RUM, 

As A lot of the currency was foreign it left port in the pockets of The Sailors, causing a shortage in currency.In 1812 a Large Quantity of Spanish silver Dollars were imported and re fashioned into The Holey Dollar .Not only was a Profit made as 1 coin became 2, It also ensured it remained onshore Valueless in foreign Ports.And were used up until 1829.

Nothing is more exciting than a true tale of buried Treasure,In 1827 the Colonial Trading vessel the "Hope" Ran Ashore Between Betsy and Iron Pot Islands.(today it is known as Hope Beach)When 40,000 In Gold Sovereigns were Escorted across the water in A Small boat by 2 soldiers of the 40th regiment of Foot and buried it in sand dunes on Bruny island.After returning the soldiers were drafted to India and Never returned for the Treasure, In 1850 an Irishman after coming upon the map of the hoard was seen digging up beaches on Bruny Island. after no success he gave up Perhaps the gold laden chest still sits under the Golden Sands of Bruny Island .

Bonito's Lost Treasure and Gold ,It  Was A Tasmanian female convict that spoke of his hidden Loot. 

Under the cover of Darkness many a vessel had been unloaded of it's stores , Rum Being high on the Most sort after list , Irony is the captains were often heavily under the influence of the Rum Themselves whilst their ships were Plundered.

The first homes built often had a cellar or store under the living area as Rum was a valuable currency and you needed to protect your wealth, Infact homes were bought and sold for Rum TRUE!A Port Town Full of Colourful Characters , Sailors from across the world , Adventure abounds In Van Diemans land.