Pirate Island

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The Oceans of the World Are the playground of Pirates,

Pirate Island is where they call home..........As the True Heart of A pirate Rests Here.

This Hidden Island Full of Natural beauty and Wonderful Treasures.

At The bottom of the world On this Island where the sands are golden And the Water is Crystal Clear,

Where the Devils Roam and The Whale fish Blow.

You will find Us "THE GOOD PIRATES"

Here the Songs of the Pirates Play night and Day and the Rum Flows freely, And as for the Treasure......


Sail Away , Be It for an hour or a Day ,and Play The pirate Way.

No Need to scour the Internet for all you pirate Needs , because we have it all right here, and we know you will be pleased.

ARRR Matey Welcome Ashore.